My Contributions To Nursing: My Personal Statement Of Nursing

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I believe that Nursing is a profession that is unique to the individual. My reasons for choosing such a profession is due to the fact that I have a desire to help others. Growing up with a very sick parent of whom I traveled back and forth over the years to many physician offices, lead me to develop my career path at an early age which was nursing. I watched the many doctors and nurses providing care to my mom in such a compassionate way, and as a result of the kindness they showed my sibling and me, I was very much aware this was as some may say, “my calling”. I had a conversation with my mom and told her that one day I was going to be a nurse so that I could care for her in the same manner that I saw the nurses and physicians caring for her. I wanted to …show more content…

I hope to impact this professional with my knowledge and expertise. I am now in school again to further my knowledge of this profession. It may seem old for some. However, for me learning has no age and boundaries as I continued to gain more knowledge and perhaps someday I can be a mentor for my peers. I hope to someday work In Risk management where I can continue to fight and argue the rights of my patients and peers whom all deserve a sense of dignity and self-worth. My contribution to this profession includes providing and promoting care with a holistic approach that is inclusive of the mind, body, spiritual belief practices because the patients I see as being more than just another patient in need of my care. The patients are like you and I and perhaps wants the same as I want for them. I’m sure with my great sense of enthusiasm that I may accomplish something here because my day will never end until I make an unmistakable stamp on a profession I always wanted to practice since that little girl whose heart was touched by the many caring professionals that provided care to my mom. Sound like I’m on a mission that indeed I

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