Why I Chose Pharmacy Essay

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The enthusiasm I have for the sciences - specifically Chemistry - encouraged me to think about my future career and how a chemistry-related degree could be a possibility for me. I have always enjoyed math and science throughout my education and I have recognized that I can combine both in a career in pharmacy.
The opportunity of studying a language-based subject (French) as well as scientific subjects has allowed me to study other cultures and their ways of life while, at the same time, developing my confidence and communication skills.
I aspire to improve people’s daily lives
I feel I am a dedicated and motivated person who relates well with others and appreciates the need to actively engage in the opportunities provided to me

Outside of school I worked with special needs and as a babysitter which enhanced my commercial knowledge and helped me to empathize with others …show more content…

My enthusiasm in science highly interests me into learning about the production of drugs and their functions on the body.
As a pre-pharmacy student, I am aware that any pharmacist has a respected and trusted role in the community. To this end, I have given back my time to the community, working with the mentally handicapped in their daily activities and field trips
Good conclusion:
I have found that the variety of experiences that I have gained have helped me to become confident, self-motivated and an enthusiastic individual who is not only result driven but also aware of the need to adopt a holistic approach towards all situations. I feel I have a wide breadth of skills which will stand me in good stead throughout my university experience and I am looking forward to commencing the next stage in my academic life. I have a great determination to succeed in my ultimate goal, and would like to face the challenges of university life head

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