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  • Pharmacology as a Career

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    better aware of the events that are occurring all over the world. After all of my life experiences, I decided on a career that can benefit all communities, whether if they are first-world or third-world countries. My goal is to study in the field of pharmacology and become a pharmacologist. Based on the career I have chosen to pursue, there are several questions I have thought of. While thinking about the career that I have chosen, my first question was simple. What does a pharmacologist do? At first

  • What is Pharmacology?

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    What is Pharmacology? Pharmacology is the study of the interaction of drugs with living organisms, such as humans, animals and even microorganisms. Pharmacology also includes sources, adverse effects, absorption, physiological factors, biotransformation, dosage forms, methods of administration, excretion, and history. So, what are drugs and what exactly do they do? Drugs, also known as narcotics, are chemicals that alter functions of living organisms. They are generally given for the diagnosis,

  • Pharmacology Career Research Paper

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    Pharmacology is the study of drugs. Pharmacologists, also called pharmacists, have many responsibilities and go through more than a few years of college to obtain this career. The average yearly salary of a pharmacist guarantees that they won't have a problem paying back their student loans.Also, many universities in the U.S. offer pharmacology as a major.Future pharmacists have a long 6 to 7 year journey to being pharmacologists. Universities across the country offer pharmacology programs, but

  • Personal Study Of Pharmacology

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    to me. The scientific method has had a profound impact on every aspect of our lives since its inception. From Newton to Einstein, intellectual curiosity has been the most paramount resource for uncovering the mysteries of life. My selection of pharmacology as a career came mainly from my love for science and secondly, from a personal experience. I struggled with acne throughout my adolescent life and into my adulthood. My condition deteriorated to the point where my dermatologist prescribed me Accutane

  • Pharmacology Personal Statement

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    know that I am committed to continue with my scientific education. The experience of lectures and the practical investigations in the laboratory have given me an indication of how to analyse and interpret data at such an advanced level. Studying pharmacology would allow me to develop my knowledge to a higher level, learning more about for example how the derivative of the opium poppy, morphine, works by binding to opioid receptors in order to reduce the impulses from nerve cells therefore relieving

  • Pharmacology for Nursing Care

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    a. Provide an analysis of the drug administration process used in your facility. b. Identify any potential issues in the system in which a mistake could be made. c. What strategies could a RN use to prevent such drug errors? (20 points) When the patient is admitted to acute rehabilitation and physical therapy, the patient will arrives with a packet with transport service that contains a typed med reconciliation from their discharging location. The nurse may manually enter (typing each drug name

  • Significance Of The Concept Of Pharmacology In Nursing

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    CONCEPT 5: PHARMACOLOGY IN NURSING This concept is taken from module 6 or block 7 entitled “General Nursing”. 5.1. Significance of the Concept Pharmacology is the branch of medicine and biology concerned with the study of drug action. It entirely embraces knowledge of the sources, chemical properties, biological effects and therapeutical uses of drugs (Olson, 2003). Nurses are licensed to administer medications to patients. Even though the doctor chose’s what medicines to be given to the patient

  • Understanding Pharmacology: Effects and Interactions

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    PHARMACOLOGY This paper discusses pharmacology and terminology related to “Pharmacology” which is the branch of medicine concerned with the uses, effects, and modes of action of drugs“ pharmacology. 2015. In The study of different classes of drugs, routes of absorption, and drugs have effects on those consuming them. There are drugs that are necessary for illnesses and healing but, there are medicines that cause concern regarding interaction and harming the body. Components

  • Phharmacology: The History And Development Of Pharmacology

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    1. INTRODUCTION Pharmacology is the science of drugs (from Greek pharmakos which means medicine or drug; and logos which means study). In actual use, it's meaning is limited to the study of how drugs and other substances affect our bodies. It has been defined as an experimental science which studies how substances that have entered our bodies affect our organism. The main tasks of pharmacologists are screening for desired activity, determining mode of action, and quantifying drug activity when chemical

  • Pharmacology Toxicology And Pharmacy Case Study

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    Pharma which is derived from the word ‘drug’ in Modern Greek, which is also a part of pharmacology is a branch of medicine and biology that is concerned with the study of drug action. A drug can be broadly defined as a man-made, endogenous or natural substance. Pharmacy is the techniques and science of preparing and dispensing the drugs studied, and created by pharmacologists. It connects chemical science with health studies to ensure effective, but safe use of pharmaceutical drugs. Drugs and medication

  • Pharmacology Assignment 1 Nursing Research

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    Pharmacology Assignment One Administering medications is an important and common task done by Nurses. It is crucial that Nurses know how to do so in an appropriate manner to promote the safety of both themselves and their patients. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website offers current information on safety that can support the professional practice of a Nurse. Question One A warning letter is sent to a manufacture if the FDA believes the manufacture has violated FDA regulations

  • How the Federal Legislation Affect the Practice of Pharmacology

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    and yet simple of the act, which severely impacts pharmacy and is forbidden by the PDMA, is the act of knowingly trading, purchasing, or knowingly selling a prescription drug sample. This offense is punishable for a fine of up to two hundred and fifty- thousand dollars, and up to ten years of imprisonment. Many pharmacists do not realize is that there is a fee of up to one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars for the individuals who provide information leading to the conviction of a violator

  • The Pharmacology of Statins

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    Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD) are the currently the leading cause of death globally for both men and women accounting for 21.9 per cent of total deaths and is projected to increase to 26.3 per cent by 2030 . Statins are the treatment of choice for the primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease and in the management of hypercholesterolaemia because of their proven efficacy and safety profile. Evidences are showing their effectiveness in reduction of cholesterol synthesis and

  • Pharmacology Personal Statement

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    looking for answers chemistry proved to have an explanation for everything. In order to challenge myself and search for answers beyond the curriculum I took part in the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge and achieved a Copper Award. Also, attending a Pharmacology Summer School proved to me just how important chemistry is in the drug industry and basically

  • Pharmacology Personal Statement

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    accuracy and confidence. I learnt this lesson the hard way when I found myself struggling in my pharmacology class. Pharmacology required hours of studying, repetition, re-edition, along with mnemonics and jingles for memorizing drug classes and individual properties. Despite struggling, I began to love pharmacology because it explained how the human body works through physiology, and various ways pharmacology helped to reverse damaging effects of drugs. Learning how drugs interacted in different ways

  • Pharmacology Personal Statement

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    Having taken foundational pharmacology courses, I was mesmerized by the intricate orchestrations of biochemical interactions within a single cell. In particular, I was captivated by the precision and ingenuity of cellular signal transduction mechanisms through simple chemical modifications. As a result, I became extremely interested in how small genetic and molecular perturbations within the cellular pathways can lead to devastating physiological consequences. I am especially passionate about oncology

  • Case Study Pharmacology

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    All physicians, patients, nursing staff, and data collector were blinded to the patient group assignment. For all patients full clinical examination and laboratory investigations as regards renal and hepatic functions as well as cardiovascular status were done. Using a computer generated randomization schedule and serially numbered, opaque, sealed envelopes, patients were randomly allocated to one of three study groups; 32 patients in each group Patients were randomly allocated to one of three

  • Physiology and Pharmacology for Nursing Practice

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    Section one Homeostasis, which literally means ‘same standing’ from the Greek words for "same" and "steady," refers to any process that living things use to actively maintain fairly stable conditions necessary for survival (Clancy et al., 2011). It is a term introduced by Cannon in 1930 to describe the goal of all the body’s physiological processes. These processes dynamically maintain a relatively constant state called steady-state in the internal environment (CREDO, 2006). The internal environment

  • Nurse Practitioner Reflection

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    register nurse for 15 years and feel comfortable with indications for many drugs, however I know that there are many other aspects of pharmacology that I have neglected throughout my nursing career. One of the expectations I have during my transition as an APRN is to become proficient in pharmacology. To achieve this expectation, I plan to master many of the pharmacology aspects that I have neglected since nursing school, such as pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. I realize that the indication

  • Program Entry Essay

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    As a child, I have always admired my brother for the work he has been doing for living. He works for a prestigious pharmaceutical organization, Ely Lilly in production and Development department. His passion of work is evident by the way he discusses about random molecules, unstable compounds, and active reactions with everyone at home. These discussions during my childhood made me curious about how a small pill can magically cure a person from an ailment. Why does it take long to get a pill in the