The History of Chemistry

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The History of Chemistry

Chemistry is the science of the composition and structure of materials and of the changes that materials undergo. It is also used in improving standards of living, making it possible for such substances as rubber, nylon, and plastics to be made from completely different materials. New materials and new properties of old materials are always being discovered. Some earlier products discovered from chemical reactions are ceramics, glass, and metals. Dyes and medicines were other early products obtained from natural substances. Some practical applications that chemistry is used for are to make stronger metals, improve soil, and the developments of live-saving drugs. Modern technology depends highly on these advancements; chemistry is a way of explaining our material world. Many people can't understand the importance of chemistry if they aren't planning on being a chemist. What many people don't realize is that chemistry provides employment to people in laboratories, universities, schools, and businesses. A knowledge of chemistry is also needed in fields such as medicine, agriculture, and engineering.

Modern chemistry is only about two centuries old. Earlier history of chemistry can be divided into three periods: "black magic," alchemy, and "primitive modern." Black magic was from prehistoric times to the beginning of the Christian Era. People believed that spirits controlled natural occurrences and they used magic to persuade these spirits to help in operations. During this period only some practical knowledge was gathered. Some elements such as iron, gold, and copper were recognized. There was also some progress in glass making, metalworking, and alloying. Thales and Aristotle contemplated the n...

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A chemist intends to comprehend how the universe is put together and how its substances can be changed to meet mankind's needs. All things can be classified as matter or energy and one can be converted to the other. Matter can also be classified by its physical state and according to its composition; matter also consists of particles in motion. Chemists have discovered that the whole universe is made up of more than 90 molecules. Chemistry involves the study of these elements, and is used to help in technology for human welfare. Many people don't seem to realize how many things they use every day have something to do with chemistry. There are many fields that involve chemistry, but for those that aren't involved in these fields, it is good to have some knowledge of the field to be able to appreciate what it has done to make your life as simple as it is today.
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