What Is Leadership: The Importance Of Leadership?

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What is Leadership?
Leadership transforms potential into reality. Leadership acts as the catalyst that makes all other elements work together; without leadership, all other business resources lie dormant. Savvy business leaders are in tune with the needs and issues of their subordinates, and keep up to date on new developments in leadership theory and methodology to maximize their effectiveness.
Importance of Leadership

Good leadership is essential to business, to government and to the numerous groups and organisations that shape the way we live, work and play. Leadership is an important factor for making an organisation successful.

The importance of leadership in management cannot be over¬emphasized. To get things done by people, management must supply leadership in the organisation. Team-work is essential for realising organisational goals. Managers must influence the team for work accomplishment through leadership. Secondly, leadership aids authority.
There are limits to the use of authority in obtaining high performance amongst subordinates. Authority alone cannot generate a ...

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