Ethics And Values In Business Sustainability

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I shall answer this question by discussing what ethics and values are and how they can influence business sustainability. I will also discuss why ethics and values are important and necessary in a business, and the possible repercussions that could occur without ethics and values in a business.
Business sustainability:
Business sustainability consists of three components, these are: social, economic and environmental. The business has to consider these three components as the business must make a maximized profit (economic) but must not in any way damage the environment in the long term (environmental). The business must also take care of social issue and people and communities as they are support the business.
Ethics and Values:
Ethics are the morals principles that we obtain through various means, such as religion, culture, etc., that people live by. Values are the way we feel about honesty, wrong-doing, etc. Ethics and values help determine the way employees and members of the business should act and how they should act to show how what the business stands for. The business has a number of ways in which it helps employees can use ethics and values to show the importance in business sustainability.
The importance of ethics and values in the social aspect is that it forms the perceptions of the business to the community. This is important as when people speak about the business they will have a positive view of the business and will want to support the business. This also applies to recruitment of employees, as people will want to work in a business will good ethics and values. The business helps community to show its ethics and values through social responsibility. Social responsibility refers to the business using...

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...ees as this is unethical. These unethical issues may be reported to a superior to fix the issues.
Ethics and values are important in a business as they help the business function and create a standard for employees and help the environment and the community which in turn allows them to do support businesses.

Question 2: How important is leadership in the success of business organisations
Leadership is the controlling force of the whole world, it allows everything to operate best without any chaos. Leadership is important in business because leaders must manage and communicate with employees if they wish to be successful. Leaders range from the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to managers of different levels.
What makes a leader? Is it power? No. Leadership being able to make people or a group of persons work effective together.

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