What Are The Negative Effects Of Obamacare

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When Obamacare, a law passed to guarantee affordable health insurance to all Americans, was put into action it received many responses, and not all of them were positive. Obamacare was portrayed to be a great healthcare initiative and many people supported it. When the law was passed, however, it was revealed that most of it was a big lie. Obamacare should be taken away due to the many problems it has and unbeneficial results it produces, such as, unaffordable health care means fewer people have jobs, the benefits described are not near as nice as they were made out to be, and it is impossible to provide insurance for everybody in the United Sates without raising taxes. With the slow economy today, jobs are already hard to find, but under…show more content…
This proves that trying to raise taxes on one group of people and not raise them on another group is a hard thing to accomplish. John Kartch, a journalist for American’s for Tax Reforms, wrote an article about the taxes that were introduced after the implementation of Obamacare. “…among the 20 new or higher taxes in Obamacare, at least seven directly hit families making less than $250,000 per year” (Para. 1). One of the things Obamacare was trying to avoid was placing higher taxes on the middle class, and instead of preventing that, higher taxes smacked the middle class directly in the face. This angered the middle class, seeing as they were promised no raised taxes, and once again made Obama and Obamacare look bad. Author Marcia Angell, from Harvard’s medical school, believes there is only one way to go about covering the entire nation under Obamacare. “The only way to provide health care to all Americans at an affordable cost is by instituting some form of publicly-administered nonprofit system…” (2). By, “publicly-administered nonprofit system”, she means a system that supplies universal health care at half the cost, such as Medicare, which is a single-payer system. In 2009, Obama confirmed what Marcia Angell stated, and conveyed that the only way to cover everyone in the country with health insurance is to have a single-payer system, but failed to act on it. The only way Obama can ever accomplish what he is aiming to do is by following his own words and creating a single-payer plan. Otherwise Obamacare will continue to struggle and may never be
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