The Necessity of the Affordable Healthcare Law

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In America the affordability and equality of access to healthcare is a crucial topic of debate when it comes to one's understanding of healthcare reform. The ability for a sick individual to attain proper treatment for their ailments has reached the upper echelons of government. Public outcry for a change in the handling of health insurance laws has aided in the establishment of the Affordable Healthcare Law (AHCL) to ensure the people of America will be able to get the medical attention they deserve as well as making that attention more affordable, as the name states. Since its creation, the AHCL has undergone scrutiny towards its effects on the government and its people; nevertheless, the new law must not be dismantled due to its function as a cornerstone of equal-opportunity healthcare, and if such a removal is allowed, there will be possibly detrimental effects on taxes, the economy, and poor people.
Taxes in relation to the new healthcare reform is a prominent topic when one examines the supporting and opposing sides of the law. New taxes on businesses producing medical equipment and new Medicare taxes on investments have been established. For individuals and businesses choosing not to participate in purchasing health insurance there will be a penalty called a "shared responsibility" tax. The accrued money from these taxes is being used, among other things, to provide low-cost insurance plans on the marketplace and to create subsidies for those purchasing the plans. Through these subsidies, "any individual making up to $45,960 or a family of four with household income up to $94,200 is eligible" ("Obamacare tax guide") to qualify and get assistance at the end of each year to off-set the cost of the insurance even more...

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In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the ahcl's impact on technology and jobs can help improve the economic standing of america. microsoft shows how cloud computing can reduce costs for businesses.
  • Explains that the ahcl provides solutions for all of these problems. the law provides stability in the cost of healthcare to employers and employees.
  • Analyzes harwood's argument that the health law is a legal enforcer for the redistribution of wealth and resources amongst the population.
  • Analyzes how the opposition claims redistribution would affect the productivity of employees and healthcare, but the negative effects on business are negated by companies that support workplace health programs.
  • Explains that repealing the ahcl has a pernicious effect on the economy and taxes and would inflate the deficiency of healthcare options for poor people.
  • Analyzes how the opposition to the ahcl debates the law's role as a modern-day robin hood theory by stealing from the rich to give the poor.
  • Explains that opposers to health reform fail to realize that the law is centered around making healthcare affordable for lower-income families and that investments are taxed based on the applicable bracket level.
  • Opines that the greater good of the law outweighs the negative claims being attached to it. billions of dollars of tax revenue will be accessible to the government for improvements in healthcare, job establishment and security related to healthcare.
  • Opines that obamacare is creating jobs in six fields. fox business.
  • Opines that the affordable care act helps the u.s. economy. brodwin, david.
  • Analyzes sahadi, jeanne, "health reform's tax bite." cnn money.
  • Argues that the affordable healthcare law is a cornerstone of equal-opportunity healthcare and should not be dismantled.
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