The Pros And Cons Of The Affordable Care Act

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Just a few years ago the Affordable Care Act otherwise known as the ACA. The Affordable Care Act is also famously know as Obamacare. This has not been very good for the American people in several ways. It has caused the people of this great nation a very difficult time in signing up for this new healthcare, everyone’s insurance prices have risen, people have been losing a lot of hours at work, and if people decide not to have insurance they can be fined. The way to get rid of all of these problems is to get rid of the Affordable Care Act all together.
When the Affordable Care Act was put into place President Obama promised that it would not be a tax but it had 5 different taxes related to it. These were a total of $494 billion of taxes for
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(ObamaCare: Pros and Cons of ObamaCare). With all the new mandates under the Affordable Care Act the state average for insurance premium increase is about 10.5% which is about another $1,294. For some people this can be a lot of money for health insurance benefits that they may not even use but are mandated as a part of the Affordable Care Act (Pipes). The premiums sky rocketed after the Affordable Care Act was put into effect in 2011 compared to the trend in the few years before (Appendix Figure…show more content…
These include that the Affordable Care Act website was very difficult to manage when it first came out, many Americans and American business are having to deal with taxes, the American people have also had to deal with increased insurance premiums, you can be insured if you don’t have insurance even for a short period of time, and that many people have lost hours at work so their employers would not have to pay for the employees’ health insurance. With all these difficult problems stemming from the Affordable Care Act I believe we should get rid of the mandate and go back to old system of having people buy their own insurance if they want to and having business the option to provide
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