We Have NOT Done Enough to Respond to the Legacies of Historical Globalization

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From what I have learned so far it appears that contemporary society has responded to the legacies of historical globalization, yet it hasn’t done quite enough to satisfy the concerned and affected. I would have to disagree to this statement, there are still some problems I believe needing to be addressed. Reasoning I have chosen the position of disagree because although contemporary society has responded to legacies of historical globalization, I think we haven’t done enough yet. Although we have definitely moved away from a Eurocentric perspective there are definitely some undertones that remain evident in our everyday society over almost all countries. Even today there are some very strong examples of how contemporary society has chosen racist or discriminatory paths. I’ve seen a lot of ignorant or bad choices being made by people of higher power, such as Putin actually barring gay people from entering the next Olympics that he will be hosting. Although he has revised that policy, I still am quite surprised by how ignorant of a decision he had made, as he is a man of very high power and responsibility. Regardless of a different culture’s way of seeing things, I think it’s more of a problem caused by a legacy of historical globalization. If Europeans hadn’t acted so discriminately, would our society today be more open minded? It’s unlikely that a single problem from those times could have completely changed our future, but at least we would be on a path to a better future. A strong reason as to why I have chosen disagree over Strongly disagree or the two agrees is that for Strongly disagree, to me at least, feels as though we haven’t even started to respond to the legacies of historical globalization. I know some people ... ... middle of paper ... ...been stated, which was the most shocking to you? Do you think that any more major conflicts will arise with ethnocentric undertones? Agree: If you were to switch positions, where would you go and why? Have we really done enough if society as a whole hasn’t addressed these issues together? Strongly Disagree: Which argument from agree or strongly agree convinced you the most? How much more do we need to do before we start responding to these legacies better? Works Cited "United Human Rights Council." United Human Rights Council. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Nov. 2013. . "What Caused the Scramble for Africa?" African History. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Nov. 2013. . “Exploring Globalization” Ryerson, Mcgraw-Hill created 2007