Persuasive Essay On Child Obesity

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Currently in America child obesity is a growing problem, that more and more children face everyday. Child Obesity is not something to take lightly, it is an unhealthy lifestyle that kids, and parents are choosing to live. Obesity today is an ongoing challenge, and there are many solutions and interventions that families can look into, to help their children overcome this obstacle. A young writer named Jarod Kintz once said, “If two heads are better than one, then what about double chins? On that note, I will help myself to seconds.” Today 's generation does not have a sense of clue of when to portion control their meals. People feel the need to feed themselves to a point, where they are too full to walk. Perhaps, Americans do not realize the…show more content…
This just proves that obesity forces many people to become inactive, which shows the insufficiency of their lifestyle and forces them to become more comfortable with sitting down at home rather than staying active and getting the exercise they need. The disinterest in physical activity can cause an enormous increase in weight gain. Sometimes when being obese, people tend to feel they are not worthy enough to play at the level of the more athletic children, which as a result they choose to draw themselves away from the group.
To conclude, obesity in America has taken a dramatic impact across the nation. We may face these problems among ourselves, but as a nation, we have the power to prevent and help childhood obesity. Obesity is an important situation since it addresses a number of problems that need to be dealt with. These problems are not just intended for a certain group who are facing these issues today, but for everyone to unify and come together to help others who need a hand.
For a world where obesity is controlled is a world where everyone does not have to worry about
Wyatt 4 the little things such as self­esteem, health issues, and being able to participate in any physical
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If not taken with precaution, more screen time can lead to children overeating and possibly develop an appetite for junk food promoted in TV ads. Since children are more vulnerable than adults, TV commercials try to focus their advertising towards young innocent children. Although less screen time would be beneficial to help end childhood obesity, many people enjoy the pleasures of watching TV.
The solution most effective to possibly stop childhood obesity is healthier eating.
According to Traci Baker, she mentions that families avoid a healthy lifestyle because cooking healthy can be time consuming, highly costly, and not always good tasting. Although eating healthy may be time consuming for families that have kids who participate in school or church events, sports, and other extra curricular activities, Parents option should not be to stop at the closest fast food store. An easy option would be to develop a specific time of day to prepare a convenient meal to fit the whole family 's needs while incorporating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. This solution can be effective because it can reduce children’s intake of junk food and soft drinks which tend to contain a ton of sugar. In the article, Family
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