Discrimination In Today's Society

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In today 's society, discrimination tackles a wide range of structures, from gender inequality to the social class. Everyday people are looked down upon because of their skin or because they may have different beliefs. Racism has been something that has been going on, and has laws passed as a result of it. Despite the fact that laws have been passed due to racism, it still happens today. The generation today, is more open to various races, and as a result of that we have a black president. In any case, despite the fact that there are numerous types of discrimination, the general population that are discriminated against of their lower social class are being pointed out to and labeled a "disgrace" to society in some ways. People back then believed…show more content…
Blacks were made out to appear as though they were not equal to white, and got treated cruelly, and got the short end of the stick. White people made it clear that they were above the blacks and merited better, such as getting the opportunity to sit in the front of the bus, their own particular bathrooms, drinking fountains, and so on and better education, houses, even occupations. In Plessy versus Ferguson, Homer Plessy was arrested for sitting in a car on the train that was supposed to be for whites. The fact that Homer could easily pass for white because of his skin color, everything he had African American in him, which implied that he should sit in the "colored" area on the train. Homer declined to get up and sit in the colored area, and was arrested on the spot. He took it to court, and won the case and the "separate but equal" doctrine was made so it implemented over the blacks, so everybody knew that even though they were different, they were…show more content…
Blacks still aren 't treated as equals, along with numerous different races. Today, in our society, being African American and being somewhere at the wrong time could wind up going to jail, because "blacks" are placed in that type of category that they steal, kill, shoot, and cause chaos. Sometimes, it doesn 't seem to come across as racist to some people, jut like placing asian 's in the category, that they 're generally smart because that 's how Asians are. As much as we want to seem like we have control over this topic, racism is still a major issue today. Racism has been utilized as weapons and to cause harm, during numerous wars, some wars were even started because of the race, for example, Hitler started the war about the Jewish people. In spite of the fact that racism is still happening today, it has gone down and for the most part individuals are begun to acknowledge, that since you 're a different race, it doesn 't imply that you should be treated differently. The era today, is more open to various races, and

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