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  • British Empire

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    THE BRITISH EMPIRE The British Empire was the largest empire in history and for a time was the foremost global power. It was a product of the European age of discovery, which began with the maritime explorations of the 15th century, that sparked the era of the European colonial empires. By 1921, the British Empire held sway over a population of about 458 million people, approximately one-quarter of the world's population. It covered about 36.6 million km² (14.2 million square miles), about a quarter

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    ” The empire on which the sun never sets” – As which the British Empire has been known as throughout history. This phrase has been used since the early 16’Th hundred, where the British east India trade Company was founded and the British colonization began in North America, the Canary Islands, Africa and India (and of course Australia, in which they used the land to place criminals). As the years went by, the colonization took speed, but some countries declared independence like USA and Australia

  • The British Empire

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    The British Empire ultimately had beneficial effects for its people; they did so through military, and economic aspects. Many advancements and benefits of these aspects led to a stronger empire and better lifestyle of its people. The main reason these advancements occurred was because the British Empire, and the most of the other European countries, were much more technologically advanced. While they enjoyed many years of advancements and developments, they still underwent periods of upheaval and

  • The British Empire and India

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    Empire building is a long and tedious work but falling off empire is quicker than building an empire. The British Empire was the largest empire and the most riches the world ever know. British Empire occupies a fifth of the world population and rule over two hundred years by invading country after country. The empire rule overs many country no more than the country of India where the British Empire has ruled over. However it was the effort of merchant within the British east India Company that found

  • British Empire Power

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    British empire started in 1707 and collapsed in 1990. After Portugal and Spain started conquering the world during the 15th and 16th century, the British government became envious of these two nations. Thus they decided to set up their own colonies and trade routes at the same time as France and the Netherlands. The very first voyage was done by John Cabot and was requisitioned by the King VII in 1496. Although Cabot believed that he had reached Columbus’s Newfoundland, he had actually landed in

  • The Importance Of The British Empire

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    Until recent history, world history has been a history of empires. From the Mongols to the Ottomans, empires have always sought to push their physical boundaries, yet none have achieved the success of the British. With colonies in the Americas, Africa, and Australia, 19th century Britons were able to claim that the sun never set on their empire. This far-reaching and wide-encompassing empire allowed the British to establish a global movement of people, goods, capital, and ideas. This global movement

  • British Imperialism: The Fall Of The British Empire

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    The glorious British Empire, at its height the most powerful régime in the world. Just a small island off the western coast of Europe, Britain grew to the span across the entire globe, effectively creating am Empire where the sun never set. Colonization, industrialization and a sense of nationalistic destiny drove the once expansive Empire. We still see effects of British imperialism today, which our global economy, as well as national tensions that germinated as a result of decolonization. Moreover

  • History Of The British Empire

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    Great Britain’s colonial power in the late 1700’s literally extended around the world. The British Empire was so expansive, it was often said, “The sun never goes down on the British Empire.” (Amundson, 2012) The British Empire’s expansion began as a way to advance Britain’s economic interests around the world. The takeover of countries and capturing of land was done to support Britain’s dependence on tea, sugar, cotton, mercantile, and other resources that were located in: Canada, the East coast

  • British Empire Theory

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    When studying the British Empire it is important to look at the different phases and period of the Empire. Many Historians take the view that the British Empire can be split into two ‘Empires’: the ‘First Empire’ and the ‘Second Empire’. The credibility and legitimacy of this theory is often debated. The theory involves the belief that the British Empire can split into a ‘first and second empire’ following the American Revolutionary War, the main factors being the change of politic and economic policies

  • The Crisis of the British Empire

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    The Crisis of the British Empire Beginning in 1754, two years later the French and Indian war spawned what is known as the Seven Years' War in Europe. Attempting to gain control over the Ohio River fur trade, the North American French colonies in alliance with the American Indians attacked British troops along the western frontier. The war ended in 1763, forcing France and Spain to cede their regions of North America to the British empire (namely, Canada and Florida). This acquisition and the