Two Sides to Every Story: Victors and the Truth

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Victors and Truth
Throughout history, it has often been the victor’s point of view or story that is told but does this make it true? History is usually written by the victors, but this does not mean that their interpretation or view of what happened is the most accurate. The victors in history are usually those that have the power and education to spread their ideas and back them up to a certain extent. For example, through history the church has been an extremely powerful force and anyone who tried to contradict the church ended up in jail. There are two sided to every story and there is always someone to argue a difference point of view however, whoever has the most power/ influence will have their opinion recorded as fact or truth.
For example, there are many works, including gospels and books that did not make it into the modern bible. It is said that these works did not pass the cannon. This list, or "canon," was affirmed at the Councils of Jamnia. No one church or group decided what books would be included in the bible, but some stronger religious groups were able to overpower the smaller sects which resulted it a Bible that reflect the views of some sects which lead to the demise of smaller sects that supported other gospels and stories that were not included in the Bible. In addition to what gospels and stories made it into the Bible the interpretation of theses texts was also determined by the group that had the most power at the time. For example, the Arians had some very unique beliefs when it comes to interpretations of Jesus Christ. Manny of the Arians’ beliefs were not accepted by the church. Today the Arians are considered to be the losers in the battle for what would constitute orthodoxy in the medieval ...

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...ect, religion, or group that has more power will write history in the way they want that event or story to be viewed in years to come. This leaves only one part of the story being told and it may not be completely accurate this could be detrimental to how different historical events are viewed. Also, the people who have power have the knowledge and resources to spread their ideas and back them up. Therefore, the ideas of the people in power are commonly accepted as true until some other person of power or knowledge challenges them.

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