Importance Of History Essay

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History is a series of important past events that connect with something. History is what makes people make better decisions. There are many definitions of history and everyone has their own. In my opinion , history is something that helps us remember the past , in order to better our future decisions. History is about the important past events that had a large impact back in the day, which contributed to the removal and or addition of certain things that build up our society today. People tend to do better once they become educated on what was going on in our past history. Having knowledge about the history of something is how one starts to progress in life and make adjustments in order to make your future into whatever you desire. If history didn’t exist we would have to …show more content…

Learning about history helps us learn about the humanities own reflection and what’s good or bad about it. This is just like a diary , people and by people I mean historians , just wrote what they saw and what seemed to cause a major change in society and we just happen to be reading it a couple of years later. I believe that historians actually wrote historical truth because it makes sense and it has been scientifically proven It is important to study history because it teaches us about not only our own culture but about cultures all around the world. Learning about other cultures and how they look a the world and what their opinion on certain things are , helps us learn better ways of avoiding conflicts. History is just a way of getting us to understand human life and helping us embrace new ways of making a healthier lifestyle. Studying history is very important to all of our society because it answers every question. History is everywhere so why not learn about

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