The Gnostic Gospels

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The Gnostic Gospels In this essay, I will discuss about the Gnostic Gospels. To discuss this matter, I will divide this paper in a few key points. The first is what Gnosticism is. The second is the Gnostic gospels miscellaneous literature and the last is the conclusion of the Gnostic gospels. What is Gnosticism? According to Bentley (1987): “ Gnosis derives from Greek, and connotes "knowledge" or the "act of Knowing ". (On first hearing, it is sometimes confused with another more Common term of the same root but opposite sense: agnostic, literally “ not knowing ", A knower of nothing).The Greek language differentiates between rational, Propositional knowledge, and the distinct form of knowing obtained not by Reason, but by personal experience or perception. It is this latter knowledge, gained From experience, from an interior spark of comprehension, that constitutes gnosis. (Layton 9) So it can be said that gnosis is secret knowledge revealed to man hat only get by someone or a Group of individual who gained special enlightenment or as it said “ that these Gnostic Christians held a conviction that direct, personal and absolute knowledge of the authentic truths of existence is accessible to human beings, and, moreover, that the attainmentof such knowledge must always constitute the supreme achievement of human life". (Hoeller 11) Gnosticism evolved since the beginning of the gospel is preached. This is caused due to accumulation not the gospel of the good doctrine which led to many interpretations of the teachings of the gospel. There ware many of gnostic teaching and led into what we know know as the Gnostic Gospels. What is the Gnosis Gospels? As Christianity spread, A group of Gnostic doctrine ... ... middle of paper ... ...OSTIC APOSTOLIC CHURCH, 1996-2000. document. Hoeller, Stephan A. "The Gnostic Jung." The Gnostic Jung. Wheaton: Theosophical publising House, 1982. 11. Paperback. King, Karen L. The Gospel of Mary of Magdala: Jesus and the First Woman Apostle. Santa Rosa, California: Polebridge Press, 2003. Kung, Hans. The Incarnation of God: An Introduction to Hegel's Theological Thought As Prolegomena to a Future Christology. T&T Clark, 2001. hard cover. Layton, Bentley. "The Gnostic Scripture." The Gnostic Scripture. New York: Doubleday, 1987, 1995. 9. Paperback. McManners, John. "The Oxford History of Christianity." The Oxford History of Christianity. New York: New York Oxford Press, 2002. 28. Robinson, James M. The Nag Hammadi Library. 1988. Print. Stanton, Graham. Gospel Truth?: New Light on Jesus and the Gospels. Valley Forge, PA: Trinity Press International, 1995. Paperback.

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