Too Much, in Too Little: The Unimportance of Homework

Imagine. Just imagine. A chunk of homework from today stacked up on your desk. A two-foot pile of paper gone to waste, only to “reteach” what you have learned today in school, which is already seven hours of hard learning, working, and participating. Tired and desperate for just a second to get some fresh air, you glance at your watch. It’s eleven at night and you must finish every paper before school starts, or else your teacher will mark your grades down. Not only did you not eat dinner or have a few minutes to bond with your family today, but also, you haven’t had enough rest to refresh you for the next day as you prepare to learn.
Believe it or not, this is the everyday life of many tortured children across the globe, including me. If you are reading this and you are currently a student, you have to admit that you have had this bad moment once or twice. The fact that homework makes children and teenagers stressed, pressured, and bored is just pointless and wastes time. That is why I’m here to say that homework should be banned for the greater good of many people, such as teachers, parents, and most importantly, the millions of millions of kids being forced to do this horrible task.
When a teacher always calls out that word terrifying word “homework”, moans and groans fill the classroom. Students start to slouch and lie their heads back, as teachers start to feel guilty for what they have done. You might say that homework will help teens and children to drill in the knowledge they’ve learned in school today, and help these kids learn some study habits. But let’s face it. The truth is that no student in any school loves homework. They have already spent their time in school focusing and learning for nothing, since homework is...

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... and focus towards learning about math, english, science and so on. When the teachers hand out large stacks of paper, to practice at home, I see that it’s just whatever the kids have learnt already. And if they have to do it again for another two or more hours, that is just plain torture.” I believe that this goes to show that homework is just repeated, fake, knowledge.
In conclusion, I have to say that homework should truly be banned from all schools around the world. When this happens, teachers will start to feel respected during class time, parents will be able to bond and get together with their precious family for once, and students? They will be living the true meaning of a school life. Sure, homework can teach children good study habits, organization, and responsibility. But face it. You and I know it’s just more than that. Homework is just downright misery.

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