Personal Opinion Essay: Homework Should be Banned

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Homework is for suckers. Homework causes stress for students as well as for parents. Homework is extremely demanding and many students are spending far too many hours after school to complete their homework assignments. Although, some students may be able to whiz right through their homework, other students crawl along struggling at a snail’s pace. Consequently, family time is put on the back burner due to the time constraints of homework. Additionally, any extracurricular activities are also put on hold. Homework is nothing more than a scapegoat for teachers so that they can pawn off their due responsibilities on parents and students. Homework should be banned for students Kindergarten through 8th grade because the negative effects do not out weight the benefits that come from homework.
One of the reasons homework should be banned is because of the unnecessary stress and strain it creates for students. Many students are left pulling their hair out at homework time. Students struggle with homework for different reasons. Some of which are because they do not understand the assigned homework, or they are not being challenged, and quite possibly because they have hit their daily threshold for learning and have no more to give. Furthermore, students who struggle academically will likely require extra assistance to do their homework. Students are therefore tasked with finding a qualified person to assist them with homework. Students are not only under the stress of homework, but now they are under additional stress to find a qualified person that can assist them. Unfortunately, some students may not be able to obtain the help they need with their homework. Consequently and to no fault of their own their grades may be affected inaccurat...

... middle of paper ... mounds of work to be completed at home. It is unfair to expect students to pick up the slack for teachers who are not doing their jobs. Although homework can be used as a tool to reinforce, more often than not teachers are not using it this way, and in fact they are abusing this tool and it should be banned all together.
In conclusion, homework is a waste of time. Time that can be better spent is with family and having fun participating in extracurricular activities. Eliminating homework allows students the reward of free time and the invaluable time spent with family. Homework creates unnecessary stress and strain for parents and students alike. Also, homework allows teachers to pawn off their own teaching responsibilities to students and parents with hours of homework. Homework is not beneficial and it should be banned for students Kindergarten thru 8th grade.

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