Three Types Of Parenting Styles

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Parenting styles are the way that parents discipline, raise, and show their affection to their children. The book defines parenting methods as, “how, and to what extent, parents seek to control their children” (Meyers & Dewall). The book also lists three different styles of parenting, defining them as authoritarian, permissive, and authoritative. The mindset of the child, how the child deals with social interactions, and the overall mental health of the child can all be affected depending on the parenting styles that their parents choose to use. The problem with some methods of parenting is the effects that they can have on the child; therefore, it is so important to fully understand the differences between parenting styles. Authoritarian parenting is when the parent demands their child to obey them, no matter the circumstances. This type of parenting …show more content…

For example, Joe is an eight-year-old kid that was raised by permissive parents. Joe is known as the trouble kid throughout his school district and is a frequent visitor at the principal’s office due to his use of curse words and disrespecting his teachers. Joe continues to explain that he does not understand what he is doing wrong or why he is always in trouble. When Joe’s actions are brought to his parent’s attention, his parents do not discipline him or make him apologize, resulting in replicated bad behavior from Joe. Similar problems could occur on the other end of the parenting style spectrum; authoritarian parenting. Let's say that Sally has authoritarian parents. Her parents tell her that if she does not get at least A’s in all her classes, she will be grounded until her grade is brought back up. Although Sally might have great grades and appear to be a great student, she will have a great amount of anxiety and fear of failure because of the mindset that her parents have installed into

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