The Four Styles Of Parenting Or Child-Rearing

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I decided to write on this subject since I was taught this topic in earlier classes and learned from that textbook some of the information that I pulled from my reference materials. I was familiar with this topic and had some earlier notions and wanted to see if my views and understanding changed with a broader knowledge base. At the time I studied this previously I found it to be an interesting and complex subject. The four styles of parenting or child-rearing are authoritative parenting, permissive parenting, authoritarian parenting, and uninvolved,sometimes referred to as neglectful, parenting. It form of parenting style is unique and carry with it different effects and developmental issues for the children that it impacts. The first parenting style I am going to address is the authoritarian style. This style of parenting I characterized by strict rules established by the parents, stern punishment if not followed, parents do not explain the reason for the rules or the form of punishment, high demands but little response, and the children do not have choices and decisions about their life. The parents needs to be…show more content…
The form of parenting style is regarded as most effective and beneficial. The style has parents that have high expectations of the children, but fortify these expectations with support, encouragement, and understanding. The rules are established and firm, but they entertain, listen to, talk with, and take into consideration the child 's view and concerns. There is discipline actions for not abiding by the rules, but this is also doled out after conversation and explanation of the situation. The punishment is just, firm but not harsh, and consistent. The children that are products of this form of parenting are most often able to engage in discussions, understand their opinions are valued. These children are confident, socially competent, responsible, cooperative, self-motivated and regulated, and mildly
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