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Good parenting is key for the development of young children for the way they act, make decisions, lifestyles and how they perceive others. So, when it comes down to choosing the right parenting style, it can be a bit challenging for many new and old parents. There are currently four popular parenting styles that consist of authoritarian, neglectful, permissive and authoritative. Although there are only four main parenting styles, parents can still be non-decisive and have a mixture of the parenting styles. Within this work I will be explaining the four different parenting styles and the effects they have on children. As well as explain how my parents raised me and the changes I will make when raising my children.
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In this essay, the author

  • Explains that good parenting is key for the development of young children. there are four popular parenting styles that consist of authoritarian, neglectful, permissive, and authoritative.
  • Explains that authoritative parenting is one of the healthiest and most beneficial ways to raise a child.
  • Explains that authoritative parenting allows children to have a security in their parents that allows them to be secure individuals who are not overly reliant on others.
  • Explains that their parents loved them unconditionally, and their mother was a camera who would watch their every move and report it to their father if there was any problem. they had an unhealthy amount of anger that lingered with them wherever
  • Explains that their parenting style will differ from their parents' authoritative and authoritarian style. they will keep itative style so that they can show their children that there are boundaries that cannot be crossed.
  • Opines that they hope to change their parenting style for the better and give their children a similar life without the issues they had experienced.

Parents then base standard rules off of the child’s feelings and assures that the child fully understands why they should follow the rules and what the consequences of breaking them will be. This parenting style creates a strong relationship between the parents and their child allowing the child to mature into an independent person that can make their own decisions. Authoritarian parenting on the other hand requires children to listen to rules without explanation. Parenting of this style requires the children to listen to rules without discussion, and most of the time the parents hardly connect emotionally to their child. The results, as Amy Morin who is a psychotherapist says, “Children who grow up with strict authoritarian parents tend to follow rules much of the time. But, they may develop self-esteem problems” (Morin). In other words, the results of this parenting style cause children to lack in confidence as well as not being sure of their own decision-making skills. Neglectful parenting on the other hand is when the parents are not involved in the child's life. The parents take care of the child's basic needs of survive like food and shelter, but they don't comfort the child or try being in their lives. This can …show more content…

My mother was more of a camera that would watch my every move and report it to my father if there was ever a problem. They had set rules which required me to act mature, but I was not fully aware of many rules they required me to follow. Although, whenever I would be punished for breaking a rule, either my father of mother would come in to comfort me and explain why I was being punished. This allowed me to continue to love my parents through the countless punishments I would receive. Until slowly they had no longer come in to comfort me after being punished. Because of this I had started to build a resentment towards life, and was an angry child. I felt as if the world was my problem because nobody understood my feelings. Being punished and not understanding why caused me to fall behind not only in grades but in my social skills as well. It seemed as if every other day my parents were receiving calls from the school about my bad behavior, which didn’t help since I would be punished once more while not aware of the phone calls they received. I felt as if no one had understood me within school as well as at home. I had an unhealthy amount of anger that lingered with me wherever I went. The parenting style they used was an authoritarian and authoritative parenting style. Both of my parents would waver between strict rules that

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