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Parenting Styles Parenting comes as a challenge to most people and is probably the most important job in the world. Parenting comes with love, care and of course discipline for the child. Great parenting aids the children in promoting emotional and physical health, giving them motivation, manners, and good moral values. Most children learn from what they see and if they see good things at home, that’s what they will remember. There are so many parenting styles out there but in the end it is the parents choice to choose how they want to parent their children. In Mr. and Mrs. Harsh-Heart’s case on parenting styles they chose to focus on strict discipline, rules and harsh consequences with even resulting to spanking. This is known as authoritarian parenting. Then, we have Mr. and Mrs. Easy- Going and they don’t involve punishment because they believe in natural consequences so their children can learn a lesson on their own here and there. This type of parenting is known as permissive parenting. Although these families have two totally different ways of parenting their children, each way of parenting has its own advantages, and disadvantages. In authoritarian styles of parenting the parent is very demanding, expecting the child to perform to the standards given. Some disadvantages are that the parent punishes without explaining why they need to not do that again and in the end no lesson is learned. This can cause the child never to learn what they should, or if they learn they become authoritarian just like their parents. The kids who go through this can develop psychological problems such as anxiety and depression faster and may develop self-esteem. A survey on authoritarian parenting was done and found that middle-aged Americans ... ... middle of paper ... ...earn and know not to do the same mistake again. In summation, parents decide how they want to raise their children. In either an authoritarian parenting style or a permissive parenting style or any other way they believe is right because in the end it’s their choice. Even though both have their differences in the end they both want the same response, which is children who listen and respect them. Whether is ethical or not, parents choose the discipline they give. Just like Mr. and Mrs. Harsh-Heart and Mr. and Mrs. Easy-Going we saw that they both wanted to reach the same conclusion even though they were using two very different techniques. Works Cited Bee, Helen L., Paul A. Johnson, and Denise Roberts. Boyd. Lifespan Development. Toronto: Allyn & Bacon, 2003. Print. “Permissive Parenting.” Parenting Styles for New Parents. N.p., 2014. Web. 30 Mar 2014

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that parenting comes with love, care, and discipline for the child. it is the parents choice to choose how they want to parent their children.
  • Explains the disadvantages of authoritarian parenting, such as punishing the child without explaining why they need not do it again.
  • Explains that permissive parenting has a different approach than authoritarian parenting. permissive parents give the child freedom to choose and do what they want with very little rules.
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