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Webster’s dictionary defines parenting as the process of raising and education a child from birth until adulthood. Everyone has or had a caregiver, whether it be pests, animals or human beings. However, the thing that differs is the method of parenting. There are many methods of parenting, but there are only three main parts. They include authoritarian parenting style, permissive parenting style, and democratic parenting style. The next few paragraphs will give the reader a detailed description of these three parenting methods and what my parents have used in parenting me. The authoritarian parenting style is the stricter style. Parents who use this method have strict limits set and show little or no love. The most common reason for parents using this method is that they don't want their children being failures. So, parents as such will shame and blames, punish, and tease their child. As sick as this sounds studies show parents using this method are usually successful. When a child is punished or blamed he or she is said to learn what not to do, feel guilty, and avoid from making such mistakes again. Punishments include spankings, timeouts, and taking something of value from the child. Parents who use this method demand respect, allow no questioning or arguing, and want full compliance. One can tell that a parent is like this because they themselves are demanding and have some type of anger issues. The authoritarian parenting style is common is Asian countries such as India, China, Thailand and many more Eastern countries. This method is very rarely seen used in the States or Canada. This style is sometimes used without the parent even knowing it. Usually when a parent is irritated or upset they will tend to be more strict a... ... middle of paper ... ...I hope I can be half the parent they are when I have children of my own. I really don't relate to the other two methods probably because I was not raised in those ways. Everyone has there own reasoning and I respect that. Parenting is a big deal. If one were not to be given any guidance or love they would be lost in this world. As children we have our role to play and parents have theirs. Whether we do it with good spirits or of bad. Using the authoritarian style, permissive style or democratic style in the end the child being guided will grow up with the ideals and morals that he or she was given. At the end of the day if the child was given no freedom, all freedom or some freedom the end results will tell one if that really mattered or not. With that, we ourselves need to be positive human beings so the generations to come can look upon us as examples.

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