Parenting Styles

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Diana Baumrind, a developmental psychologist, was the first psychologist to identify parenting styles in 1967. The three parenting styles are authoritative, authoritarian and permissive. At one time, these three were the only parenting styles but later on, uninvolved parenting was added to the list of parenting styles. The four parenting styles are described on how much love, rules and the child’s behavior. Looking back to my childhood, I can see how all the parents showed the different parenting styles, including my parents. Growing up, my dad worked at a local aluminum plant and my mother was a stay at home parent. They both had very different parenting styles. I was the third child out of four, three girls, two boys (one that lived with us and the other we never saw). My father was more …show more content…

A parent that is an authoritative shows the child love and support; but also wants to see them succeed in life. They give explanations to their child, it is not “because I said so” and that’s the end of the discussion. Like I mentioned before this is how my father parented me. He gave me examples and explanations on why I couldn’t do something, etc. The authoritative parenting style is how my older sister parents her son. I see all the positive effects that it has on him and I wish to parent that way as well. Authoritarian Parenting Style, in my opinion I always think of in the movies the Asian student whose father pushes them to get straight A’s and play in the orchestra. I know that sounds very stereotypical. This type of parenting style is very strict and they do not care to communicate with their child because it is their way, no and’s, if’s or but’s. According to Rathus (2016), the Authoritarian parents do not respect their child’s points of view and come off cold and rejecting.

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