The Pros And Cons Of Being A Physical Therapy

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A year and three months ago, I was at football practice. I was on the defensive line. I tripped up the running back, but the running back landed on my left ankle. The result was a fracture on my left tibia. I played on my injury for two weeks. At that moment, I was not able to play football for the rest of the year. During this summer, I injured my back. I began to accumulate information about how to treat my injuries. While I was researching, the words physical therapy popped up. I clicked on them, and the article discussed what a physical therapist does. When I was halfway down the article, it stated that a physical therapist helps people with injuries like mine. After researching, I decided to be a physical therapist. Before fully deciding to do physical therapy, I arranged an interview a year and two months later with an actual physical therapist named Tess Vaughn. She began to discuss her view of being a physical therapist. She gave the general requirements, the advantages and the disadvantages of a physical therapist, and the salary. Although the salary of a physical therapist is abundant, the disadvantages of physical therapy outweigh the advantages. One of the general requirements is good time-management(Vaughn). Then she introduced different examples with this. She schedules her appointments based upon what she needs to be done throughout the day. Depending upon when she wants time with her family, she may choose to do her paperwork in the afternoon between each appointment. This involves the same thing with her appointments. Therefore, if people are not good at time managing, they should not go into physical therapy, which is really time consuming(Vaughn). Probably the biggest requirement for physical therapists is p... ... middle of paper ... ...Vaughn). The third disadvantage is paperwork(Vaughn). According to Tess Vaughn, there is a plethora of paper work. Before going into physical therapy, think about having tons of paperwork on a desk. The fourth disadvantage is the amount of schooling. If one does not see himself doing seven to eight years of college, do not choose physical therapy as a career(Vaughn). Therefore, the decision is decided based on a student wanting eight years of college, tons of paperwork, and the liability. If he has the patience and dedication, he is capable of being a physical therapist. Once I learned about eight years of college and tons of paperwork, my decision changed. With others it can be different. I think the best part about physical therapy is helping people getting back on their feet, but I think the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. Others might think differently.

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