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My journey to pursue an education in physical therapy actually originates from my early childhood. I endured a very impoverished upbringing and my family’s socioeconomic status was below the poverty line. At a very young age, money became the central issue of my life. I found myself worrying about mortgages, health bills, and grocery money. As I grew older, I vowed to myself that I would not endure my family’s financial burdens into my adulthood. I knew the best way to accomplish this was by obtaining a college degree and having a professional career. However, I was unsure what career I wanted to pursue. I experimented with many different career ideas, but during my sophomore, I discovered my passion and skill for physical medicine. For my…show more content…
The subject came so naturally to me and I decided to continue my enrollment in sports medicine courses throughout my high school education. As my senior year of high school concluded, I explored the idea of a career in physical therapy by job shadowing at the Idaho Sports Medicine Institute (ISMI). After observing the PTs at ISMI, I was immediately drawn to a career in physical medicine. A few months later, I started my education at Idaho State and felt exactly like I did when I started sports medicine in high school. I was absolutely enthralled with my classes, naturally excelled in all of my coursework, and always had PT school in the back of my mind. I knew I would have to work extremely hard to develop a strong undergraduate transcript and build a competitive application. Throughout my undergraduate career, I have worked relentlessly to maintain academic excellence and currently have a 3.91 GPA. I have also succeeded in making the College of Education’s Dean’s List for five semesters. Unfortunately, I did not receive the honor of making the Dean’s List on one occasion, as I was .02 points below the minimum

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