Argumentative Essay On Cyberbullying

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Cyberbullying is a new form of bullying that follows students from the hallways of their schools to the privacy of their homes. Many victims of cyberbullying are bullied 4 from the moment they wake up and check their cell phone or e-mail, to the time they go to bed and shut off their computer or cell phone. Cyberbullying is bullying or harassment that happens online and more difficult to stop because you need to have all the evidence saved to prove it happened. Cyberbullying is nothing to mess around with if a kid is being cyberbullied you need to get that taking care of before it gets any worse. Cyberbullying is one of the main causes of suicide and teens dropping out of school. Cyberbullying is a life threatening or even a harmful thing…show more content…
Cyberbullies are hiding behind technology because they can’t deal with the victim face to face. People depend on social networking sites because it’s an easy way to target their victim. Girls are more likely to bully online and boys are more likely to bully in person. Cell phones and computers are not to blame for cyberbullying it’s social media sites themselves that are to blame. 25% of teens say that they have been bullied through the use of technology and over half of young people report being cyberbullied. Cyberbullying happens 24/7 and never stops because technology can be used whenever the bully wants to use it for hurting their…show more content…
Cyberbullying is a very important thing to get taken care of. By reaching out to other will get that policy going faster so it will stop. A lot of kids fear going to school because of bullying and cyberbullying. Every kid deserves to feel safe at school. If one kid doesn 't feel safe then every kid is not gonna feel safe so why not just put an end to bullying now. “STOP BULLYING AND CYBERBULLYING NOW”. If schools or people don 't do something about bullying then it 's going to get out of hand and cause a lot more kids and teens to commit suicide or even harm themselves bad. So please do everybody a favor and just stop bullying now. Every bully has different characteristics. As a result there’s no clear scheme or strategy that can stop the problem from ever occurring. By being able to spot deal with and offer long term bullying support you’ve targeted bullying at all junctures. Bullying can be taking care of no kid or teen needs to worry about being bullied when entering a school or entering social media sites. Kids and teens have to feel safe everywhere they go so they can have a good life and get through school without

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