Impact of Social Media on Society

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Impact of Social Media on Society Technology has come a long ways from its existence till today. In today’s modern world, people are surrounded by technology everywhere. In the present, people are surrounded by disrupting technologies every day. Today innovators are always creating new technologies that will make an impact on the daily lives of millions. Technology has made the lives of many people easier. The influence of technology has made an impact on social media. Social media has impacted the society in many ways. Whether it is the life of an individual to how successful a company is going to be. Social media is not just about tweeting about what you just accomplished or instagraming what food you are about to eat at a very nice restaurant. The uses of social media is way broader. Now most social media companies are buying out and merging with many other companies that will be off use to them. The people of society has certainly come from a long way. Social media is influencing consumers in what they are going to buy next. Social media is helping businesses to become more aware of their impact they have on they customers. Social media has a big presence for an individual and a business. This research paper is going to be over how social media impacts an individual. Then it is going to be about how much of an impact it has on businesses. Afterwards it is going to go over the pros and the cons of social media in society. Then this research paper is going to conclude on where social media is heading towards in the near future and so on. Social media can impact a life of an individual at many levels. On social media, each individual has the power to be influential and important. There is a freedom of expression on soci... ... middle of paper ... ...-demographic characteristics and academic performance.” Cyberpsychology & Behavior (2007): 182-190, 3/19/2012 Leu, Donald J, Castek, Jill, Hartman, Douglas K, Coiro, Julie and Henry, Laurie A “Evauating The Development of Scientific Knowledge and New Forms of Reading Comprehension During Online Learning.” Evaluating Scientific Knowledge (2005) 2-25, 3/18/2012 Kulshreshtha, M. K., Kapil Kumar, and Sumiti Sehgal. "Impact of Social Networking Sites on Society." Research Journal of Social Science and Management 1.4 (2011): 47-56. Print. Lenhart, Amanda, Kristen Purcell, Aaron Smith, and Kathryn Zickuhr. "Social Media & Mobile Internet Use among Teens and Young Adults." Pew Internet (2010): 1-51. Print. Matthews, Rebecca. "The Social and Psychological Impact of Online Social Networking." Australian Psychological Society :. N.p., n.d. Web. 31 Jan. 2014.
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