Social Media And Steven Pinker's Mind Over Mass Media

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Social media has affected people negatively because people depend on social media more than their brain .Which does not bring any benefit to them .Our society has come from being very social to antisocial over the years. Many people don 't interact with each other anymore .We search, post ,tweet and snap not even knowing who we are sharing are information with . In his article “Mind Over Mass Media ,” Steven Pinker writes about the amount of knowledge and power social media is taking away from our brains .College students and high school students are likely to use social media to do their work assignments.Social Media is slowing taking the place of boosk and many other ways people learn. Therefore, I agree that social media is taking the…show more content…
Steven Pinker states that “search engines lower our intelligence, encouraging us to skim on the surface of knowledge …” (1). Many students are not reading their assigned books anymore. Sparknotes and other web sites such as Shmoop have provided students with resources which are not useful. Students’ skim through these sites to read books. Most of the websites gives students’ plot summaries which are from another person’s take on that book .This damages the student 's’ chances of actually reading and understanding a book and having their own opinion .The more we run to search engines for answers the less we shall learn . Technology has taken the place of many students’ brains which causes them to think they are dumb. This leads to the need of searching for answers online at all…show more content…
Many people walk and don’t even look up anymore. Riding the bus today has become a very silent ride. You have people listening to music, checking emails, statuses, and other social network sites. You can’t even get a simple hello or how are you doing like the old days. Even in classrooms students can’t put away their phones . It’s as if they can’t live without it. They are so attached and fascinated by people’s tweets or Facebook posts that takes their focus away. Mainly the reason why many students fail a class is because if your teacher sees you using your phone, it shows that you are not serious and your focus is not there .We have something called self-control and if our society learns how to put their phone down and live life ,they can realize the beauty around them .Technology wouldn’t take over our
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