What Are The Positive Effects Of Social Media

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From the perspective of adolescents and teenagers growing up in such a hyper-connected world, having a smartphone just seems like a necessity, something that all parents feel obliged to giving to their child at a young age, should they have to contact them in case of emergency. But when can an item such as a smartphone turn into a device that sucks away confidence, self pride and the overall well-being of a child? A device that is making a child fear when it should be used in order to help them feel safe. This is what can happen when you introduce social media to children who do understand how to fully use it safely; who don’t understand the implications and consequences that come with silly mistakes made through social media but also don’t …show more content…

While this research gave her a very detailed insight into how social media can have a positive effect on younger people by improving social interactivity it also revealed that when a child is bullied on social media it can have an extremely injurious effect on their mental health. She feels that with the presence facebook especially, it leads to narcissism antisocial tendencies and aggression, while overuse cases anxiety and depression. The two main causes of anxiety and depression due to social media are researched to be bullying and unrealistic expectations such as unrealistic looks, weight and valuables. When teenagers, especially females, see these unrealistic expectations and understand that it is unreasonable to achieve these so called desirable factors they put an immense amount of pressure on themselves as they feel that they aren 't good enough which causes anxiety and depression (Sternberg Clinic, 2015). Another major negative impact that social media can have on an young individual 's mental health when used excessively is impacting the quality of students school work and overall performance. Teens are masters at keeping themselves occupied in the hours after school and way past their bedtime, which results in them not attempting to complete their homework. When students try to multi-task by studying and checking …show more content…

The danger that comes with communicating more indirectly is that it has gotten extremely easy to be cruel. Dr. Donna Wick, a clinical and developmental psychologist who runs Mind to Mind Parent says “Kids text all sorts of things that you would never in a million years contemplate saying to anyone’s face” (Childmind, n.d.). She states that this is typically true for girls who don’t like face to face conflict. Girls who compare themselves to other people create a lack of solid self-esteem which creates insecurity and awful feelings about yourself, which makes you want to put other people down, and because girls don 't like face to face conflict they will result to this measure of bullying through a screen. Peer acceptance is such big thing for adolescents and for many of them they care about their image as much as a politician running for authority, add to that the facts that kids today are actually getting self validation on their appearance via think such as “likes” and “comments”, that’s enough to mess with anyones head. Nasty comments posted on your wall or photo that you have posted can make you feel extremely dreadful about yourself putting you into a unhealthy, unsafe mind

In this essay, the author

  • Explains how a smartphone can suck away confidence, self pride, and the overall well-being of children. they will explore the negative effects of social media on children's health and prosperity.
  • Explains that the rate of depression is rapidly increasing in people under the age of 18. the legal age for a child to obtain facebook is 13 years of age.
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