How The Internet Has Changed Bullying By Maria Konnikova

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In her article “How the Internet Has Changed Bullying”, Maria Konnikova explained how bullying has reached technology, and in the workplaces of many adults. The Internet has made it harder to escape from bullying, and easier for bullies to escape from confronting their victims. Furthermore, the author stresses that cyberbullying not only targets high schoolers, but it’s affecting the lives of college students as well (Konnikova 1). Cyberbullying takes place in the Internet world where is easier for a bully to gossip and humiliate multiple of victims in a faster pace. The studies have shown that cyberbullying is making a greater impact in the victims’ and the bullies’ lives more than the traditional bullying and many people are not aware of it; therefore the schools, witnesses, and employers should work together to fight against cyberbullying and provide help to the victims and bullies.
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Moreover, cyberbullying has longer effects through a child’s life, leading the victims to turn into victim-bullies (Donegan 1). Victim bullies take their own frustrations on bullying others as an escape to help them cope with their pain caused by cyberbullying. In addition, it’s been reported that bullies commit at least one crime as an adult whereas victim-bullies commit a 23 percent higher than of the bullies (Donegan 4). Konnikova doesn’t mention that bullies also need help as much as the victims, but not all bullies are born that way. In fact, most of them have been bullied before or they have psychological problems (Donegan 5). Indeed, people should take this statistics as a wakeup call to help cyberbullies to cope with their frustrations to lower the numbers of victims, to create a better childhood, and a healthier adolescence for a better

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