The Mental Depression: What Are Mental Illness?

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1665 words

What are mental illnesses? Mental illnesses are health conditions that distorts the functions of brain. Mental illness is characterized by two terms mental and illness. Illness is defined as “a disease or disorder that causes a period of sickness that affects the body or mind”. Whereas mental is a simpler term that is defined as “the relating to something occurring or being experience in the mind”. When the two terms are added together you get mental illness, a period of sickness occurring or being experienced in the mind. Mental illnesses can also be referred to as mental disorders because a disorder refers to the mental is the disturbing of the regular or normal function of the mind. Mental illness is a blanket term that cover a wide range of mental issues. Poor mental health vary from or impaired thinking and perception, behavioral episodes, and mood swings such as a nervous breakdown, depression or a combination of any of these together. It is important to have knowledge of mental illnesses because you may never know if you or someone you know is experiencing …show more content…

Depression is a disabling condition that should be taken seriously. Ever one in ten people worldwide are affected by depression for an estimated 676 million people. People living with a depression have greater than forty-percent chance of dying from premature death that the rest of the population. In many cases suicide is a result of depression due to the lack of attention to the physical problems. In 2012 depression became one of the leading causes of death, 804,000 young adults age fifth teen to twenty-nine committed suicide worldwide. Mental illness like depression rank as the second worldwide as the cause of years loss off one’s life. Depression is the main reason for years lost in cases of disabilities (Al Qahtani & Al

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that mental illnesses are health conditions that distort the functions of brain. illness is defined as a disease or disorder that affects the body or mind.
  • Explains that mental illness and disorders is a wide ranged topic. anxiety disorders are characterized by recurring events, great fear, and panic attack.
  • Explains that mental illness diagnosis is no different from a diagnosis for any other disease or cold. the medical physician performs physical exam, lab test, and psychological evaluation.
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