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Introduction In today’s world, mental illness is still looked upon as a very bad thing and the negative views of mental illness are common within the employees. Most of the time, people assume that employees who suffer from mental illness are often seen as weird, defensive, and hard to talk to. Generally, concepts about mental illness tend to be subjective, leading to difficulties in defining mental illness. One article has described mental illness as, “ mentally distorted, mad, or crazy” and the degree of mental illness varies depending from person to person (Corrigan et al. 2010, p. 909). The following essay is based on the topic ‘Mental Illness as an Emerging Discourse’ and the article ‘Employee Mental Illness: Managing the Hidden Epidemic’ was the main article that was analysed and used in the essay to discuss the topic. The analysis has been divided into two parts which are covered equally by the study group members. Background As globalisation increases and markets become very competitive around the globe, companies are starting to focus constantly on innovation, creativity and risk-taking (De Lorenzo 2013, p. 219). This places much more pressure on employees to perform better and work longer hours trying to meet the expectations of employers and business objectives. Employees who suffer from Common Mental Health Disorders (CMHD) will experience more mental pressure as the workplace becomes competitive. Especially because most Australian organsiations don’t have any policies that can help employees deal with their mental disorders which they continue to hide (De Lorenzo 2013, p. 220). Through her article, De Lorenzo tries to discuss why a common disorder such as mental illness which impacts atleast one fifth of the Austra... ... middle of paper ... ...rom mental illness shouldn’t live within the community. Research has shown that the stigma and misconceptions associated with psychosocial disabilities often result in people being disliked from their community (Henderson et al. 2013, p. 78). Conclusion In conclusion, stigma still effects millions of individuals dealing with mental illness, and taking away opportunities for a better life. However, no direct answers have been made on how to diminish mental health stigma. Protest, education, and contact have been research time and again. The research shows that more research is needed in order to change beliefs of the general public and employees. One author suggested that anxiety and stress in working environment is related to the social stigma of mental illness and to change the stigma or perception contact with individuals is needed (Jorm et al. 2009, p. 184).

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