The Issue of Cyberbullying

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One of the main online problems nowadays is cyber bullying. Cyberbullying compared to bullying is a lot worse because many people have to go through it. The main thing about the Internet is how social networks should have a special rule for tracking down cyberbullies and reporting it to the site and the site operators should connect the county’s police department. That that person is in because cyberbullying would have a lower level than before if sites start doing that. In other words there are many way to find at what cyberbullying is prevents, motivation, and psychological effects to help victims of this terrible new crime that has been found online.
Cyberbulliers never realize how bad cyberbullying others can get. Cyberbullying is using any type of social media to harass others. Victims of cyberbullying can’t escape cyberbullying compared to regular bullying because the rude messages never go away. Social networking is supposed to be for good uses such as connecting with family and friends. Some effects of cyberbullying are bad grades and poor self-esteem. Cyberbullying has increased in many years. For example, many more people have committed suicide.
Cyberbullying is a major problem in today’s everyday life. Cyberbullying has to be with people going on the internet and harassing others. Cyberbullying is considered as a major crime in some places because it can make people commit suicide; Cyberbullying others lowers their self esteem. (3 SV;SV) “With cyberbullying even if you turn off your computer or cell phone the hurtful messages will be waiting for you when you turn the device back on” as told by Gwenn O’ Keefe( Cyberbullying can be a very dramatic thing as many people can get charged with a felony. What ...

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...erbullied you should help them out or if it’s anyone’s parents tell their cell phone carrier to block that person or if it’s a social networking site they can block the person on. Help others out if people know that others are being cyberbullied because who knows; you may save a life.

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