Cyberbullying Argumentative Essay

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Cyberbullying Argumentative Essay All around the United States, the prevalence of cyberbullying ranges from 10-40% of people who get bullied through electronics. Furthermore, this is a problem caused by kids, teens, and adults who target one another online by repeating harmful threats and harassments. This conflict negatively impacts the victims’ life which is why anyone who cyberbullies should pay the consequences and be prosecuted. The initial reason why anyone who cyberbullies should be criminally accused is due to their harmful behavior that can result in people getting seriously hurt both mentally and physically. If the bully is convicted, cyberbullying can be stopped! As directly stated in the Radio Interview of source one “Cyberbullying can also lead to kids getting physically injured.” This statement further emphasizes why the outcome of this act should be punishable by law. Due to the fact that individuals face violent behavior, it could mean suicide for the victim. In no shape or form should this be tolerated since lives are taken due to the…show more content…
According to the Fact Sheet of source three, the fact “60% of targets said that their online experiences as a target of cyberbullying affected them…” shows how there is a high percentage of people who are destroyed through this cruel and domineer act meaning it’s time to drop the percentage rate. An effective way to do so is to pass the Prevention Act. Like said in the quote of source one “This bill ensures that someone is held accountable for the behavior that led to someone getting hurt.” The quote supports why passing this act is necessary. Not only that, but the bill brings awareness for others not to engage in cyberbullying or else they will be confronted with severe criminal charges. Therefore, rates will drastically drop and make bullies think twice before their
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