Cyber Bullying Persuasive Essay

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What is Cyber bullying? Cyber bullying is just like regular bullying but instead of bullying face to face, it’s done on the internet. In America, cyber bullying has gotten out of hand during the past year. Unfortunately kids who are bullied through the internet have a difficult time getting away from the bullying. Children today walk the street while thinking or knowing they will get picked on. This has also caused teens to commit suicide. Usually teens that are the bullies have a lower self-esteem than the person they’re bulling. Teens today use the internet more than anything excluding sleep. In two thousand and eight young teens ages 12-17 had access to the internet. Cyber bullying needs to stop before more of our children hurt themselves. Studies show that most likely a female would be the most bullied. A high percent of teens have been angry, frustrated, sad, embarrassed, scared and shockingly a small percent weren't even bothered. How it all starts is with a computer, cell phone or any kind of device that involves connecting to the internet. Anonymously someone makes a fake account then searches for an innocent child to bully or expose. It can be your best friend or anyone that just wants bother you behind a screen. No matter how much you try you won’t be able to find out who it is; it is best you inform the police, teachers or a parent. Bullying really does lower a child’s self-esteem and can be harmful mentally, eventually physically. Most parents today don’t even know that their child is being bullied or the bully. Some parents do slowly because of the way their offspring is acting right after they get off the computer. Sometimes the child turns off the computer and never goes back on after a while and/or the change i... ... middle of paper ... ...r understanding of appropriate behavior, parents can create contracts for proper internet and cell phone use and schools already has a safety program. To enhance online security, parents can install filtering and blocking software. Teachers could create a formal contact regarding cyber bullying and contact the school’s attorney to find out what actions can be taken if cyber bullying issues arise. They can also encourage peer mentoring. Always document incidents. Keeping evidence of the incident is crucial, so recording dates, times and descriptions of the harassment would be most helpful. In addition, e-mails, text or posts in question should be saved or printed. If cyber bullying ever happen in school, it should be reported because it is often accompanied be traditional face-to-face bullying which may lead to an overall disruptive atmosphere at the victims school.

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