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Cyberbullying is a type of bullying that takes place with the use of any electronic technology. Cyberbullying is a major problem affecting young people today. There are different types of cyberbullying. This topic comes as an interest to many people these days because bullying is very common and it can ruin a person’s life. These days, cyberbullying is considered a new form of bullying. It can happen over the internet by computer, mobile phone or any other electronic devices. Cyberbullying could involve any form of unpleasant words or pictures being displayed on the internet for others to see. It could also involve the spreading of lies about the victim on the internet. Many people are stepping up efforts to prevent bullying in the first place. Approximately half of U.S. students are impacted by traditional bullying each school day (Ross). Bullying peaks in middle school, then reduces in high school. Other types of bullying may involve the passing of notes behind someone’s back, rumors being whispered about someone, or being threatened in the internet. The most common types of cyberbullying include passing of humiliating photos, cell phone pranks, cyber stalking, impersonation, online slam books, and text wars. Bullies appear scary but truthfully they are the unhappy ones. Majority of bullies have been bullied by parents, siblings, or other young people. This may trigger them to bully and pick on other kids.
Children are bullied for thousands of reasons, none of them are valid (Hile [pg. 26]). There aren’t any causes that puts a child at risk of being a bully or being bullied by others. It can happen anywhere in any city, town, or suburb. It also can depend on the environment, such as upon groups of gays, ...

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...not be confident to tell anyone about being bullied, so it is important to talk to the people who have any of signs of it. Talking can help find if any bullying is being involved in their life. It seems impossible to protect children from cyberbullying but there is a lot you can do the help prevent it. On a daily basis, Cyber bullying affects many children, teens, or even adults. Cyber bullies think it’s funny to bully others online. When a cyber-bully posts something online, he/she does not realize the consequences for themselves. When you post something online, you must think of how it can affect you in the future when you need to go to college or get a job. There are many ways to track someone who is cyber bullying so don’t try to use a fake name thinking you won’t get caught. Just try to help prevent it in any way so we all can live in a safe environment.

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