The Importance Of Training Guideline For Helpdesk Specialist

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The helpdesk specialists are the frontline support for end-users. It is vital that the specialists are adequately trained to support the users effectively. In order to do so they must be fully training is a wide variety of areas. Gomm (2005) suggests that helpdesk specialists are leaving their jobs because of lack of opportunity and a lack of training. In this paper I will propose a training guideline that will support helpdesk specialists in the areas of personal and computer safety, communication skills, problem resolution and incident response, along with procedures for collecting and analyzing computer evidence. Gomm (2005) states that based on the research conducted with 1,000 helpdesk specialists an alarming 66% have no information technology (IT) qualifications, and 33% have not had any IT training within the last 12 months. These findings are leading to helpdesk specialists leaving their jobs. By implementing a training program, as found in this paper, the specialists will be better prepared for their job functions and may be less likely to look to change their job. The helpdesk specialists first point of focus when responding to any incident is the safety of the people around. Only after the people are safe should the specialist think about the computer system. In order to ensure proper safety the specialist should make sure that the work area is clean and well ventilated, along with ensuring that any cords or wires are not routed through walkways. It is also important that there are class C fire extinguishers available in event of an electrical fire. When working with computer systems the helpdesk specialist must be aware of potential hazards, along with the possibility of damaging computer components and themselves wit... ... middle of paper ... ...e appropriate evidence, and proceed with assessing the situation, analyzing the data, save the contents of the systems memory, clone or make an image of the hard drive and make sure to document everything along the way. Having an effective and well run helpdesk team requires that the specialists are adequately trained. The training that I have described in this paper will help the specialists perform their job with greater skill, thus leading to increased customer satisfaction and workplace safety. While all incidents cannot be avoided, with the right training the first responders can ensure that the incident is being taken care of properly, and being documented in a way that will benefit the organization in the future. Having a training program that covers all aspects of the helpdesk specialists job will greatly impact their job satisfaction, and job performance.

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