Computer Support Specialist

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Computer support specialist help people with trouble they are having such as software, hardware, and equipment trouble. There are many ways that they can assist people with their troubles they are having. Some computer support specialist offer services such as help desk service, in home service, and in store help. The computer support specialists are always needed. I am going to tell you about the computer support specialist career field. A computer support specialist has many responsibilities. A daily responsibility that is done every day is that they watch computer systems to monitors its performance. Computer support specialist help people set up their computers and show them how to work them. On a daily basis they are always answering questions to resolve problems such as issues relate to hardware and software. Also they must be able to test network systems and check for issues with local area networks. They maintain daily records of their communications. Also they train users on how to use their hardware and software. Computer support specialists stay busy with all their tasks. Also it is important to back up data in case the computer crashes or something happens. Also computer support specialist help people to reset passwords that they have forgotten. Also getting information is important. Computer support specialist need to make sure they get their information for reliable sources. Information is categorized in many ways by them. The categories that are used are differences, similarities, and estimating. Computer support specialists also have to be able to process information. Information is processed in many ways. Information can be processed by separating data into sections. In this career computer support special... ... middle of paper ... ...for computer techs it would be hard for people to have a reliable computer. This is a growing career field. There are so many different jobs in this field. Works Cited Arthur, T. (n.d.). How to become a computer support specialist. Retrieved from Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2014-15 Edition, Computer Support Specialists, on the Internet at (visited March 26, 2014). Computer support specialist. (n.d.). Retrieved from National Center for O*NET Development. 15-1151.00. O*NET OnLine. Retrieved March 29, 2014, from
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