The Purpose of a Team

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The most common purpose for a team is to bring people together with different ideas to capture many avenues in which a goal may be reached. A team offers the ability of different ideas coming together and making a decision based on all inputs of many individuals. You will get a better product from a team discussion than of an individual due to adversity among the team members. Too often if the team has one individual that doesn’t see things as the rest he is not operating as one of the team but trying to wreck the project or operation. The team must understand that maybe the purpose is to enforce the rules and regulations and keep the team within the boundaries that are set. Safety is not something that should be forgotten and all too often it is on the back shelf of every operation until the worst happens. As a safety team we must all understand that decisions made will not always be the most acceptable but may be the most right decisions made. As a quote from General Colin Powell “Being responsible sometimes means pissing people off. It’s inevitable if you’re honorable.” Many of us are not willing to accept being told what to do especially when we disagree with what is being stated. Until something changes or is determined to be obsolete it must be agreed upon within the team to comply. This is not just for the deck-plate personnel but the managerial staff as well. As part of a team we all must be onboard with operations and how they need to operate.
Many times the Safety Officer, if you will, is accused of not being a team player. Being chastised for doing ones job is not the most effective way to promote a safety minded environment. Also on the other side of the coin the Safety Officer must implement or correct s...

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...fault with NASA’s top-down design and testing methods, “was designed and put together all at once with relatively little detailed preliminary study of the material and components. Then when troubles are found…, it is more expensive and difficult to discover the causes and make changes.…[A] simple fix…may be impossible to implement without a redesign of the entire engine.” The outcome of this simple issue as we all are aware could have saved billions on the project if time for safety was taken. Instead of the top down approach wouldn’t the outcome been a significantly less expense if we used a bottom-up approach. When we think of safety is there a reason to worry about price with the thoughts of the Challenger incident in mind. Safety has always been a part of the working community not only in aviation but throughout all industry. Aviation being the background of
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