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  • Quantum Computing: The Challenges Of Quantum Computing

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    Quantum Computing: • Introduction: Quantum computing normal everyday computers I.E classical computers have done a lot and changed everyday life for human beings as a whole and different aspects of our life from leisure to travelling. We talk about how match they have achieved but how about we look at what they are bad at and not been able to achieve. This is where quantum computing comes. But before we can answer that we must first answer the questions. • What is quantum Computing:

  • The History of Computing

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    The History of Computing The Computer - Man’s Greatest Achievment Computers are indeed approaching the status of the core operator of every electronic device or utility in the world today. Their “logic” and process can produce results millions of times faster than that of the human brain. They are at the helm of everything from an old walk man to the systems that keep the Earth’s continents in constant communications. They’ll likely soon be the basis of communications between other civilizations


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    WEARABLE COMPUTING Wearable computing is the next step to the computer revolutionary world. At MIThril lab, they are working on a wearable computer. Like a sleeveless winter coat or a sweater, they are working toward they goal. With the complicated project, they don’t know the finishing line yet. But with every step the MIThril team takes, they freely document and post on the web for worldwide access. The name MIThril derives from the fictional classic The Hobbit and Lord of the Ring by J

  • Survey of Wireless Computing

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    Survey of Wireless Computing Abstract Wireless technology can provide many benefits to computing including faster response to queries, reduced time spent on paperwork, increased online time for users, just-in-time and real time control, tighter communications between clients and hosts. Wireless Computing is governed by two general forces: Technology, which provides a set of basic building blocks and User Applications, which determine a set of operations that must be carried out efficiently

  • The History of Women And Computing

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    The History of Women And Computing Think for a moment, if you will, about your personal computer and the tasks you request that it perform each day. More likely than not your answers include computation, word processing, communication, and research. Did it make sense for John A.N. Lee to label women "lady computers" (14)? The point that Lee makes in his editorial is that women since the late 1800's have performed computation and secretarial duties for their male superiors and therefore

  • Fog Computing: Comparative Of FOG Computing And Cloud Computing

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    Comparative of FOG Computing And Cloud Computing Abstract: Fog computing extends cloud computing, cloud computing provide data, compute, storage, and application services to end-user, also the fog computing also provide the services like data, compute ,storage and application to end user. But in cloud the main problem that occurs is security and now a days security and privacy both are main concern that needed to be considered. Fog Computing is not a replacement of cloud it is just extends the

  • Assistive Technology for Computing

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    Assistive Technology for Computing One thing that programmers generally don’t take into account when they’re typing out code is "How accessible is my program or website going to be for someone who’s impaired in some way?" Unfortunately, this has become a problem in our society which many people are hoping to fix. Already, there’s a huge assortment of products - software, hardware, accessories, etc. - to accommodate those with impairments or disabilities of every sort. Here, we will see the technology

  • The Way of the Future for Computing

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    The Way of the Future for Computing Computer technology is changing faster than ever. It is interacting with our daily lives and helping us make choices. The next step will be for the technology to make the decisions and choices for us. It will help us do the shopping, or will schedule our day for us. Computer technology will enable people “to do more by doing less”. That at least is the hopes and dreams of the M.I.T. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) team that is working on a project

  • Computing: The Deployment Model Of Cloud Computing

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    Cloud Computing:- Cloud computing is the process, in which network of remote servers are hosted on the internet which store, mange and process the data on remote servers instead of local servers or a personal computer. The functionality of cloud computing has the same as we are physically sitting on desktop or inside to any network of the world, which provided by any of providers over the internet. There are different basic concepts and terminologies which are used in cloud computing are discussed

  • The Permiation of Everyday Computing

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    Everyday Computing Computers are all around us, whether it’s in your phone or in the cash register at your local store, to the Google mainframe handling millions of search queries. A general answer to “What is a computer?” would be that screen or box on a desk at school or home. These are merely personal computers; there are many other types of computers, but they all have relatively the same functionality. Computers are a large part of everyday life, most going unseen and unknown. Computers range