Importance Of Help Desk

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A Computer Help Desk or Service Desk should be dedicated to keep our technology investment up and running smoothly. Our company needs to have assurance with their internal technology services. There will always be computer issues but it is important for the help desk team to guarantee they can reduce problems and keep the staff productive with the tools they need to continue to drive business forward.
The help desk is a tremendous resource of both cost efficiency, value, and support. When the help desk is operated properly, customer and employees are able to communicate and quickly have problems resolved. Our current Help Desk business model is to outsource a contract with a service provider who specializes in help desk design, implementation
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With success, the help desk image created by the help desk will reflect on the company’s visions and employee satisfaction. (TechRepublic. 2008)

Who does Microsoft gain value from the New Help Desk?

A help desk reveals its total net worth based upon diverse, hidden intangible benefits that are difficult to measure, but can be realized. Intangibles are tied to business continuity associated with customer loyalty, employee / customer retention, and operational flexibility. Value is primarily measured in customer satisfaction and can be quantified in productivity gains and efficiencies such as:

• Changes in business communications as a result of input of new ideas from the help desk channeled in through employees
• Reduction of internal stress factors derived from less computer downtime that converts to improved operational processes
• Minimize employee productivity interruptions by allowing the help desk staff to handle the technical issues
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They requested a scalable help desk solution at each branch office. The concept of a help desk always follows the need to improve customer support, avoiding less interruptions and downtown with technical issues, internal technical services running at optimal performance and a plan to accommodate that change in a positive manner.

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