The Importance Of Technology

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Humans have become overly dependent on technology over the past generations. Developing new technologies is important because it makes life more efficient. However, it has caused today's society to change the way they communicate, their honesty, the way they think, and how they spend their time in harmful ways. In many ways technology adds a considerable amount of luxury in our lives. It has improved our the conditions of our home and work life, but it has been shown that as technology develops, humanity becomes more slothful as a whole. For example, since the introduction of social networking, people's laziness has tremendously increased. Before social networks people would write letters or go visit each other if they ever wanted to get in contact with each other. People still do this, but not as much since now it’s a whole lot easier to click one button and send your message or talk through a computer. If you wanted to see someone there are certain websites. For example, on Skype you can actually see the person through the computer screen and talk to them. A text is how you get someone's attention in today's generation. Communicating with one another in person has become less important, because we would rather send each other a quick IMessage or Skype than actually talk upfront. “Typically, the concern about our dependence on technology is that it detracts from our time with family and friends in the real world,” (Parker-Pope). Further advances are constantly being made to technology and this can be an issue in the future. Technology has led to many discoveries and breakthroughs that are now easily recorded on online educational websites. However it has made plagiarism easier and makes people more dishonest. The reason I say t... ... middle of paper ... ...her on Facebook than study for an important exam, and then they would fail or make a lower grade on it. Their priorities shift when given the choice between messaging on their phones or studying their textbooks, and the latter is usually set aside until it is too late. While it is true that technology has made much of everyone's daily life easier, it has also had some very negative impacts on our society. There are many different ways that technology can affect us, but most of them lead to same conclusions. We substitute face-to-face contact with emoticons and become more criminal just by taking the ideas that someone else posted online. Technology causes us to be us less ambitious in our goals and takes away the time we need to live. Technology has created the feeling that if it were to disappear all together, the whole world would go into complete and utter chaos.
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