Are Advancements in Technology Good or Bad?

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Today the world revolves around different kinds of technology that are used for many things, some are necessary and some are not. Technology is a big part of our lives, and many would say we couldn’t live without it. Weather people like it or not technology is here, and it’s not going away. But a big question is; Is technology good or bad? Advancements in technology are bad For many reasons. Some are anyone who has a laptop can find someones personal information, people don’t get as much face to face interaction because they are always talking on the internet, and kids aren’t using proper grammar online, so they are losing their writing skills. One important reason that advancements in technology are bad is Personal identifying information can be found by anyone who has a computer. People’s personal information, like address and medical history can be found, because almost everything is online. ID theft is a growing problem in the United States. “The scope of ID theft has grown so quickly that it now takes up a substantial and growing portion of law enforcement resources.” This means that ID theft is becoming a big problem. Once your ID is stolen it can be very difficult to get back what you lost.“Though the costs of getting your money back have declined, victims aren't getting back all of what was taken”. This means that when people’s things get stolen over the internet, they may not get everything back that was taken.Technology is so advances people’s personal information can be accessed by anyone with a laptop, and that is something that needs to be changed. Another equally important reason is people don’t get as much physical interaction, because they are always talking on the internet. People text their frien... ... middle of paper ... ...ts in technology are bad. Advancements in technology are bad because your personal information is available to everyone.ID theft is becoming a big problem because of this. Kids aren’t getting enough face to face interaction. Kids are always talking online,and not physically. The last reason is kids are losing their writing skills. Kids are losing their writing skills because they are never working on getting better at writing, and are using improper grammar online. Advancements in technology are clearly bad, but the choice is up to you. Works Cited "The 4 Negative Side Effects Of Technology." Edudemic. N.p., n.d. Web. 18-22 Nov. 2013. "The Cost of ID Theft, Part 1: Beyond Dollars and Cents." Commerce Times: Business Means Business. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Nov. 2013. Telang, Veethi. "Negative Impacts Of Technology.", n.d. Web. 18-20 Nov. 2013.
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