Effects of Technology on Sociability

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Albert Einstein once said, “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” Technology is a controversial topic, some say we are depending in excess from gadgets and devices. However, if it wasn’t for technology we wouldn’t be able to experience many benefits.

Life in the modern world is difficult now because of technology has taken up most of our time. It can make us feel lonely and disconnect with reality. As we spend much time on the internet, such as web surfing or instant messaging, we lack with our social skills because we don’t know how to interact with people. People who are “socially anxious” and “lonely” tends to focus more on the internet by making “relationships with others” and slowly interact with people on the web but we don’t socialize with people in our life (Tyler 200-201).

Some may argue that technology helps us not feel lonely because technology is the way to escape reality for a bit and the internet can reconnect with our friends and family from around the world. We can save time by “shopping” online and communicate quickly by “email than postal mail” (Franzen 428). We can also communicate via webcam, especially for college students away from their family. It’s a way to reconnect with our love ones and stay in contact with our friends. We want to be “able to share our lives with others” and technology “allows us to do that with music, videos, pictures, and texts” (Arnett 477-479).

I normally use technology such as listening to music to make the time goes faster. Since I travel a lot, I usually go on my phone and play Fruit Ninja, Spell Tower, and Jet Pack. Those games are my top three games I play while I travel or go somewhere in LA with my family. I Reading is my ...

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...ed by technology to inform us that something happen. Technology means a lot in the deaf community.

Technology will always be a debatable topic, is it so impersonal that makes us feel lonely? Or its benefits are so great that we rather benefit from them despite feeling lonely? The fact is that technology has improved the quality of life so many groups like the deaf community. So right or wrong, it has helped us a lot.

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