Argumentative Essay On Modern Technology

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Nowadays people use technology from everything from business to education to entertainment and much more. Almost everything we do and every aspect of our lives is affected by modern technology. With all the advantages of technology it is not surprising that we rely on it for almost everything in our daily lives, but how much is too much? People’s over-use computers and other modern technology is causing vital skills to be lost as technology replaces traditional ways of doing things. We are losing communication skills, memorization skills, and ……..?????????. And with the loss of these skills, what happens when technology fails?
With 80% of Americans using internet, and that 80% spending an average of 17 hours a week online (each), according to the 2009 Digital Future Report, we are online more than ever before. People can't go a few hours let alone a whole day without checking their emails, social media, text messages and other networking tools. The average teen today deals with more than 3,700 texts in just a month. The use of technology to communicate is making face to face conversations a thing of the past. We have now become a society that is almost completely dependent on our technology to communicate. While technology can be helpful by making communication faster and easier, but when it becomes our main form of conversation it becomes harmful to our communication and social skills. Technological communication interferes with our ability to convey our ideas clearly. Technology can harm our communication skills by making us become unfamiliar with regular everyday human interactions, which can make it difficult for people to speak publicly. Technology can also harm our ability to deal with conflict. These days it is easier to h...

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...ntact their loved ones. There are actually books, like “When Technology Fails” by Matthew Stein, that explain how to survive without technology. Nowadays we either rely on technology to do something for us or for technology to tell us how to do something further causing us to lost skills older generations learned. So when those generations are gone, and technology fails, we will be doomed.
There is no doubt that the accomplishments made through technology are astonishing. Technology has made amazing impacts on everything from science in space to medical science to the devices we use every day that make our lives easier. People are living longer and better than ever before, but we can’t forget how to live without it. “Just because technology is there and makes something easier doesn’t mean we should rely on it so much that we can’t think for ourselves,” (Levinson).
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