Elan Gale's Article: Saving The Lost Art Of Communication In The World

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Technology has changed the way the world generally communicates negatively by not allowing true interaction with each other, technology is changing the way we used to read physical books by preventing them to make the brain work better, and people can easily get their hands on technology and use it to do wrong towards others. Using technology can help communicate with family members in other countries but is it actually communicating? We can agree on that communicating on the phone or online is not the same as communicating in person. We can 't see a persons body language, can 't hear or see signs, and can 't be interrupted by noises or someone else. In the article, “Saving the Lost Art of Conversation,” by Megan Garber, Turkle the psychologist…show more content…
Why do people use technology to hurt others? As we all know and have seen the internet is not a place you can always count on. Technology today makes it really easy to use it against others negatively, to get attention and prevents others from communicating right towards others. They use it because they are hiding behind a screen and the victims don 't know who they are. People use technology because its a place where they can trick others in believing they are someone else. Daum 's article, “Elan Gale 's inglorious Twitter hoax,” is the prime example of one of the ways people use technology for today. “It was all a hoax...Some face-palming aside, the general public reaction over the last few days has been that it doesn 't matter whether Diane exists. What matters is that this is an allegory for our troubled, entitled times...It 's easy to see why someone like Gale and his fans would buy into that notion; it 's the same logic that informs reality television.” (Daum) People don 't care if its fact or fiction. Technology is being used as a negative thing. These three articles aren 't exactly the same, but they are all examples of how technology has changed the world. Whether people agree with me or not, everyone uses technology. One thing that can be agreed on is that technology has changed the way the world generally communicates either by not allowing people to truly interact and communicate with each other, preventing books from helping our brain and mind work better, and easily providing them a way to hurt
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