How Does Computers Change The Way We Think Essay

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Technology Is What You Make It The articles “How Computers Change the Way We Think” by Sherry Turkle and “Electronic Intimacy” by Christine Rosen argue that technology is quite damaging to society as a whole and that even though it can at times be helpful it is more damaging. I have to agree and disagree with this because it really just depends on how it is used and it can damage or help the user.The progressing changes in technology, like social media, can both push us, as a society, further and closer to and from each other and personal connections because it has become a tool that can be manipulated to help or hurt our relationships and us as human beings who are capable of more with and without technology. Technology makes things more…show more content…
Calculators, computers, appliances, and many more things were created to help us. “The tools we use to think change the way in which we think” (Turkle). This point that Sherry Turkle made in her article and it is true, in a way. Computers do things for us and to us, that is also true. Some people like to blame technology for a lot of things and they could be in the right or in the wrong for it. “Technology does not determine change, but it encourages us to take certain directions” (Turkle). Calculators, for example, are only a tool and people will blame them when the answer they get is wrong. They are wrong though, since calculators are only a tool, it means that they are the ones that messed up. If they had done it by hand, there is a 99% chance that they would have done it wrong…show more content…
Some people think faster than they can write or type but if you are a fast typer, you could be faster on a computer and keep up with your thoughts and it will still always be legible as opposed to paper where you most likely will have made some chicken scratch trying to keep up with your thoughts. We live in a world where simulation can be used for pretty much everything which can sometimes be considered a bad thing, but honestly it is a necessity for a lot of things because it is helpful. Computer simulations can help doctors train and learn to diagnose patients. Simulations are or can be used in so many things like education, science, entertainment, etc. and they are usually beneficial to us because they make us capable of doing more things that we could have possible never been able to without technology. Technology does seem to move too fast and maybe we should mourn what we are leaving behind. But then again, people that like to reminisce about the past can also be left behind like it. Sometimes, it is important to stop living in the past and better your future. The articles “ How Computers Change the Way We Think” and “ Electronic Intimacy” both made amazing arguments, but like I said, it all depends on how technology is used. Technology does seem to have the power to push us further or closer to each other, but at the end of the day, it is just another tool
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