Pros And Cons Of Using Computers In Class

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Are Computers Beneficial in Class?
Does technology changes the way society functions? In the society we live in today, technology is used for everything. No matter if we are checking our e-mail or checking the weather. Computers are the most used technology. Many people use computers for work or school. Some seem to think that computers can be a huge distraction at either work or school. Like everything else there are pros and cons when it comes to using computers in class. There can be a lot of pros when using computers in class it just depends on if a teacher or student knows how to use it. Although many people believe that using computers in class is a huge distraction, there are many positive outcome of using computers in school. Using
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Students always seem to zone out or fall asleep during class. Computers can be very important in class because it changes the way students learn and it also allows them to see how useful their information is. Students using computers in class can help the students remember their homework or the material they need to know for class. It can also help them keep their classwork more organized if they have more than one class. One of the pros of using computers in class is that computers can be used as a tutor. Some students learn better if someone other than the teacher is teaching them. The reason some students like to use the computer as a tutor is because they can learn at their own pace and they can also make the computer repeat the material until they understand it. They can have hands on…show more content…
Although there are many pros of using computers in class, there are also some negative aspects. Many people think that computers take away the emotion in classroom. They feel like classwork should be given out by pencil and paper. Computers in class can be a huge distraction, such as playing games online in class, sending messages and etc. Using a computer in class can also give a student poor writing habits. Computer corrects verbs and misspelled words for a student which means they aren’t learning the correct grammar. Another con of using computers in class is not having the correct information. Sometimes the internet can give a student false information if they don’t know how to use the internet properly. Many school cannot afford to purchase computers. Purchasing technology can be much for a school. Buying computer and taking the time out to learn how to use them, costs the school more money. Instead of spending money on technology their school can be purchasing other things such as better desk for the students. Cheating is also a big con of using a computer in class. Using a computer to take an online test allows students to look up the answer the questions. Students have access to a lot of information when using a computer. There can also be a technical problem when a student is trying to turn a test in. Network failure can make a student lose all
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