The Importance Of Child Parenting Practices

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One of the most precious moments in the world is holding your baby for the first time. It is an indescribable overwhelming feeling of love and joy. Then, you realize that you are responsible for a soul. You are responsible for providing everything your child needs. Every parent wants the best for his child, and every parent wants to raise his child perfectly, but there is not a right way to raise your child. Babies do not come with a guide book, and that is the struggle most parent face. Most parents raise their children based on their cultural roots. Some parents raise their children the way their parents raised them, not being aware of the bad influence some customs and traditions have on their child. Every culture has its way in affecting…show more content…
In some cultures, like India, physical punishment is considered an acceptable punishment method (Matze, 2011). However, there are cultures that consider using punishment methods to discipline your child violates your child’s right. For example, in the United states, if a parent uses physical punishment methods or use any kind of violence on his child, Child Protective Services has the right to sue the parent or in extreme cases the child could be taken away to a foster family. Moreover, there is a method in child rearing called “the tiger mother method”, a tiger mother will give her child an honest feedback of his works even if it is a negative one. (Dummett et al. ,2013). Whereas western mothers will tell their child to do better next times even if she knew that her child was not playing fairly. (Dummett et al. ,2013). Therefore, people have different perspectives in child rearing, what one parent considers wrong in parenting practices others might consider right due to their cultural beliefs.

In conclusion, education, religion, and parenting practices are the main cultural differences that influence child’s rearing. Parents choose their children’s learning subjects based on what suits their cultures customs. Religion has its own rules when it comes to child-rearing

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